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Why do you need Safety Audits ?

Onsite safety does not stop with written documentation. Safety inspections should be conducted on an ongoing basis. It will give your supervisors and employees knowledge of potential hazards and can save your company thousands of dollars in insurance costs and claims

Onsite audits provide a comprehensive and more in-depth evaluation than mystery shop evaluations allow for. This saves your staff considerable time, and allows them to focus on other aspects of their responsibilities.

Health and safety auditsInsurance companies are requiring their commercial and industrial policy holders to meet certain federal and state safety and health regulations. Most insurance companies will discount premiums to those companies who proactivly pursue and maintain a compliant safety program. Proactivity, in terms of safety, will also decrease the liability should something happen on site.
The safety audits will offer loss control and inspection services that provide a range of solutions. Safety audits will assist you to improve your loss ratios. Written materials alone don't accomplish safety on the job. Work areas should be inspected on an ongoing basis so that supervisors and employees know that the company has made a commitment to safety that is being monitored and enforced.

Hopefully beneficial to all

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