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Maid starved to death

Although they are foreigner, doesn't mean that we can make them like animals ... 
read the story below ....

Alleged abuse victim almost skeletal, may have been denied food and water for weeks
Thursday, June 9th, 2011 10:48:00
maid abuse
SUSPECT: The man arrested in connection with the maid's death
ISTI KOMARIYAH, the Indonesian maid allegedly abused by her employers, might not have been beaten to death, as initially suspected.
It is now believed she may have been confined, denied food, and suffered a slow, agonising death by starvation.
Police, however, remain tight-lipped over the probable cause of death.
Selangor CID chief SAC Adnan Abdullah said they were unable to reveal any details until the post-mortem and test results were received from University Malaya Medical Centre and the Chemistry Department, respectively.
"The relevant parties are still working on the evidence and exhibits," he said.
Adnan confirmed that Isti's remains had been handed over to the Indonesian embassy and the body sent back to Indonesia on Tuesday for burial.
A hospital source, meanwhile, said the 26-year-old's body was mere "skin and bones" when it was brought to the hospital.
"It was shocking as she appeared almost skeletal. It seemed as if she had been deprived of food and water for several weeks and was severely malnourished."
The source said although there were physical marks on the body, it was not likely they could have been the cause of her death.
"She did display bruises and several scratch marks on her body. However, we believe those injuries did not contribute to her death."
The physical effects of starvation included loss of lean body mass as well as bone loss which, the source said, could explain her emaciated condition.
Police sources told The Malay Mail Isti was frequently locked up in a room and lashed whenever she complained.
Her employers - a 56-year-old man and his 53-year-old wife - used a balloon stick holder to whip her whenever she protested against being confined.
It is learnt the couple used to operate a printing business and, later, ran a stall at a night market in
Taman Sea.
They have two children in their 20s.
Isti was declared dead upon arrival at the UMMC at 7.50am on Sunday.
She had bruises and scratch marks on her back, arms and forehead, both new and old.
Her employers were called to the Sea Park police station where they were arrested after questioning.
It is learnt that police, who went to the couple's house in Taman Sea, recovered two balloon stick holders and other items said to have been used to assault the maid.
Isti had been working with the couple since December 2008.
Her death occurred barely days after Malaysia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Indonesia on May 30, which lifted the two-year freeze on Indonesian maids into the country.
Indonesian embassy information, social and cultural affairs counsellor Suryana Sastradiredja was quoted as saying his government was awaiting action and decision on the case before considering a review of the MoU.
The Indonesian government has not ruled out imposing another ban on its citizens coming to work as maids in Malaysia and has called on the authorities to charge those responsible for the maid's death as soon as possible.

Previous cases of abuse

SOME major cases of abuse involving Indonesian maids brought before the courts in Malaysia:
nirmala bonat
NIRMALA: Splashed with boiling water
• 2004 - Nirmala Bonat
This was one of the most publicised maid abuse cases in the country.
Her abuser, housewife Yim Pek Ha, threw boiling water on her and pressed a hot iron against her breast.
In 2008, Yim was sentenced to 18 years in jail.
• 2009 - Muntik Hani
Muntik, 36, was found locked up in the toilet of her employer's house by the police on Oct 20, 2009.
The maid from Surabaya was believed to have been locked in the toilet for two days before her rescue.
She had wounds and bruises on various parts of her body.
Siti Hajar Sadli
SITI HAJAR: Fed non-halal food
She never regained consciousness and died in the intensive care unit six days later.
On July 19 last year, Muntik's employer, sugarcane seller A. Murugan, 36, was sentenced to the gallows after the High Court found him guilty of murdering her.
• 2009 - Siti Hajar Sadli
Siti Hajar, 35, was scalded with boiling water, tortured with scissors and a hammer and starved by her employer, Hau Yuan Tyng, 45, a single mother of two.
The maid, a Muslim, was even occasionally fed non-halal food.
The High Court this year sentenced Hau to 11 years in jail.